What should my child wear to Intramural’s / Travel practice and games?
Every player must wear cleats, shin guards, bring a soccer ball and a beverage. Always dress appropriately for play and weather.

How do I receive my Intramural uniform?
A notice will be sent out from the Club to all those who have registered advising on when and where to pick up uniform.

How do I know what Intramural team I am on?
A notice will be sent out to all those registered on what team they are on right before season begins.

How do I know what Intramural field I am playing on and what color to wear?
All Intramural games will be played at Ann MacArthur Primary School in Locust Valley. The game times will be the same every week for your specific age. Please click on our “Programs” tab and then “Intramural’s” Along with other information, this will give you what field number your team will be playing on as well as if you are to wear Green or White (the game day jersey is reversible).
*There will always be someone stationed at the tent on game day to help you if you should have any questions.

Can I request that my child is on the same team with their friends?
Of course! Our main goal is for the children to have the best experience possible all while learning the game. After registering, please send a note to info@lvbsc.com with your request. We can’t always promise they will be placed with whom they asked for, but we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I request my child is NOT on a team with a certain child?
Absolutely! Please send a note to info@lvbsc.com. All requests will be kept confidential.

Can a child sign up for Intramural’s / Travel if they do not live in the town of Locust Valley or Bayville?
Of course!!! Both our Intramural and Travel programs are open to all kids that would like to join. The more the merrier!

Is there financial assistance available?
We do offer financial assistance to those in need. Please fill out the Scholarship Form and remain it to info@lvbsc.com. It will be then reviewed by our Executive Committee and you will be notified within a day or so. All requests are kept confidential.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes! Locust Valley Bayville Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Please visit our Sponsorships page to help support our players.

Ball Sizes and Age Groups

  • Size 1 & 2: Promotional soccer balls
  • Size 3: Under 8 years old
  • Size 4: From 8 to 12 years old
  • Size 5: From 12 years old up